Tuesday, January 2, 2007

where has the time gone?

Geez, my life is cycling into madness lately. Time is going too fast. I'm freaking out about everything. New Year's Eve and Day were filled with so much activity, I almost forgot that I leave for Mexico in just a day and a half. Fernie, Che, and I checked out the Flaming Lips / Gnarls Barkley show at the new Galen Center at USC on Sunday. It rocked! Gnarls is really good in concert and even though I hardly know any Flaming Lips songs (aside from the one "tangerines" that they don't even play in concert), they completely rocked in presentation. They had a UFO type lighting system above the stage that ascended and descended to drop off the band and a bunch of Martian chicks and Santa Claus guys on stage. The definite highlight was the sing-along to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"; twas incredible!

I had to wake my butt up early the next day because my dad and I were going to the Rose Bowl game! We amazingly received tickets the day before at church. Man, sometimes it pays off to go. just kidding. Our pastor, this 31 year old, is awesome and although he is a huge USC fan and won the Pasadena resident lottery for tickets, he was unable to go and gave us his tickets! It was a madhouse, mainly consisting of USC fans, but a considerable amount of Michigan Blue and Maize filled the stadium. My dad and I were both neutrally dressed, however I did have a blue and gold UC shirt on. We were rooting for Michigan but USC's receivers had the game of a lifetime.

Now, I'm left to quickly pack for my 11-day trip through the Yucatan Peninsula, only to return to freaking out about packing my life up for a year in Korea. AH!

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