Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mexico is one big 2 x 1 special

Well, atleast Cancun was. Happy hour never ends. It was out of control. Thank God we only stayed one night.

Fernando and I flew into Cancun Thursday afternoon. After a bus to the Centro, a random guy in the street told us about a place to stay for 250 pesos. Good thing we did because everything else in Cancun is ridiculously expensive. We were starving so we thought we`d check out the food nearby. It turned out our hostel was in a great location: right next to the bus station and the main street of bars and restaurants in downtown Cancun. We got to a restaurant at 5 and decided to get a couple beers. Reading the menu, we found that there was a 2 x 1 special on all drinks from 2 pm = 5 AM! What¡¿ Needless to say, that was the beginning of a long, slurry and blurry night.

We took a cab to the Zona Hotelera or Hotel Zone to see what all this talk was about. We come to arrive at a mini Las Vegas. There was even a huge hotel that oddly resembled Caesar`s Palace. After 8 dollar weak drinks at the Hard Rock, we decided it was time to return to the 2 x 1 specials. Across the street laid down like a kids carnival were club and bar one after the other. Asking around for entrance fees at clubs, we decided the tiny, loud bar Slices was the one for us. It was great. All each "bartender" or staff did was find tables of girls and give them free drinks, only to lift them on the bar soon after to dance. ¿Macho? Si. ¿Hilarious? Of course. The girls were all having a good time and it was just fun o watch.

That was enough of the Spring Break style madness for us, and we grabbed a bus back to the downtown area. A local busted out his acoustic guitar and sang us songs by Elefante and others as we drove back into town. We decided to see what the locals do for fun and that led us back to the street near our hostel for more 2 x 1 specials. We found this restaurant that had an upstairs bar where long haired, black tshirt wearing men rocked out to hard rock songs in Spanish and English. It was a great way to end our stay in Cancun, and I cant say I remember much after that bar. We did however wake up before our checkout time the next day, which is always a good thing.

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Rhymes With Lasagna said...

And to think, Zona Hotelera was pretty much demolished a year ago. Crazy weather. Speaking of which, it was a high of 75 degrees yesterday in New York. IN JANUARY!