Thursday, December 28, 2006

My business card.

I decided to make a business card to hand out to people I will meet in my future travels. If you're lucky, you may just receive one. Anyways, here's what they look like. And, before you ask: Yes, i'm a super nerd.

(click to make it bigger)

Later, fools.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas (eve)!

I'm getting sick. And it sucks. I had my final day of work at Trader Joe's today. Yes, my final day was filled with stressed out people doing last minute Christmas shopping, cutting in line so that they will get home 3 minutes earlier. Wonderful. And, I was sneezing and coughing all over them and their food. Sorry if any of you readers were one of them. It is a relief yet kind of sad that I'm leaving. The store is awesome and I've gotten along pretty well with the people I work with there. Hopefully I'll be able to keep touch with a few of them so I still know some people in LA once I return to the States.

Anywho, I finished work at noon and now I'm wasting time until I catch a flight to Tucson at 9:45 pm. Thank God there's a World Series of Pop Culture Marathon on VH1.

Speaking of fun, I've had some of that lately. Last week for my bday, Vivian and Erica rolled down to LA to hang out. It was good times. We got seafood burritos and hung out with Eddie Han. It's ridiculous that I haven't hung out with him (he lives 5 minutes away). I forgot how crazy and hilarious he is. I also realized how much I missed hanging out with the old SB crew.

The next day, Fernando, his brother and I made the road trip up to the Bay area to visit with Alvaro and Colleen, whom we will be traveling with in Mexico. We had a blast checking out random/ dive bars in the city. A definite highlight would be the Phone Booth in the Mission District with their pint-sized cocktails, hipster jukebox selection and tatted, runway-walking bartenders. I also got to see Melanie before she took off to NYC. Too bad we weren't ready for cocktail attire, otherwise we could have hung out a little longer.

I got a call from Little Miss Comedy NYC herself as we were about to leave town. This is Tanya of course. Anyways, she had just arrived in SF for the holidays! We got too late of a start to meet her before we left town. Luckily, she was planning a trip to SB during the week. So, I decided to make a mini midweek road trip to meet up with friends for dinner. Of course, that dinner turned into me staying the entire next day and calling in sick to work (i was starting to feel sick, though). I saw so many people in such a short time. It was great just to hang out with people like Viv and Neysa (who I haven't seen in forever). Also just walking around with Clara and her husband is always entertaining.

Alright, enough babbling! I gotta get to the airport!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Just the beginning..

I've just received my teaching contract with a school in Seoul, South Korea! For those who don't know, and can't read my blog title, I'm half Korean. Sure, I may look Hispanic/ Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander/ White (mainly to Koreans) / [insert race or nationality here], but my momma was born and raised in Seoul. So, this whole living and working in the homeland gig is a pretty big deal for me. I'm going to be amongst a familiar yet very foreign language, meaning i have heard it throughout my whole life and attempted to learn it but still know nothing (in terms of getting by). Plus, I can't say I'm caught up on Korean culture. It's going to be an adventure, to say the least. I am currently working on getting all of my visa and contract paperwork taken care of, so I'll be able to start on February 1st.

I've started this blog to keep everyone updated on my life. Some of the stuff, okay, most of the stuff will probably be random, just so I can remember little things later on in life.

So, here's what next for me before I leave for Korea:
- This coming weekend (12/15-17): I will be heading up to SF for a mini birthday celebration!
- Christmas (12/24-27): Taking a quick flight to Tucson to celebrate with my family at my parents' new retirement casa.
- New Years Eve: The Flaming Lips / Gnarls Barkley at USC's Galen Center. (If you want to go, tickets are still available)
- Mexico Trip (January 4th-14th): You know I will be blogging about this. Fernando and I are flying into Cancun and traveling throughout the Yucatan to eventually (hopefully) meet up with friends Alvaro and Colleen in Mexico City.

- January 14th and beyond: Packing my life away and seeing friends!