Saturday, February 3, 2007

Yes, i am in Korea.

Just to make it clear to everyone, I am sleeping very well here. I mean, just look at what kind of bed I am sleeping in. (click to enlarge image).

Speaking of which, here are a few pictures of my tiny studio apartment. I finally have everything set up. Also, take notice of my bathroom. I have a washing machine in it. There is also just a shower head placed in the middle, so I can brush my teeth in my sink and shower at the same time.

Upgrade: now i have a tv connected to my computer and power to play my ipod speakers.

I apologize that it has taken me FOREVER to write. But, yes, I have arrived! I made it in Monday morning to Seoul. It is pretty crazy here. I am right in the middle of the action. Right now, actually, i'm at a PC bang, as its called, surrounded by middle school-aged kids who are all playing videogames. it's pretty intense. i feel like i should be playing some fast-paced game, but rather i'm just writing a blog. This is also the first time i've been in an internet cafe that has a smoking and non-smoking section. oh well. gotta update.

I'll be getting internet installed on Monday morning (during the Superbowl), so expect to hear from me more often coming soon.

I live in a neighborhood called Hongdae which is pretty much a huge college town. I'm about 3 blocks from Hongik University, a big art school here in Seoul. "dae" pretty much means "area around a university" hence my neighborhood name. Everywhere I have walked so far is well lit from signs of restaurants, bars, and stores. I guess Hongdae is known for its nightlife, something I will soon find out about (i'll be hitting the town tonight). Here are a couple pictures of my 'hood.
From my house, its about a twenty minute walk to work, which is by another university, Sogang, which is what our school is associated with. My two neighbors that are in my building, Patrick and Andy, have been walking with me to school. They also took me to Namdaemun Market today, which was a madhouse. It's pretty much a huge flea market, but completely jampacked with people. Here's some of the madness. I happily bought a spatula and a loofah there, cheaply.

This temple is right across the street from the market. There are temples all throughout the city, something that I want to explore more.

Patrick also took me to Yongsan, which is pretty much a department store full of electronics. It was really interesting. We got out of the subway and there were dancing computer monitors and a small band playing as they danced. Out of control. i took a picture and a video. I think i'll upload the video so you can all watch and laugh along with me. Here's the picture for now.

And here's the video!

Dancing Computer Monitors

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erica said...

best video ever

its like our people's take on michel gondry