Tuesday, February 13, 2007

this weekend in hongdae aka my hood

I'm very excited because I now at least have one thing to do this holiday weekend. For those of you who don't know, this weekend is the Lunar New Year i.e. Chinese New Year as it goes by in most of the US.

Anyways, Seoul is supposed to go vacant as most people take off out of town to celebrate in small villages or out of the country. However, me, having just arrived and yet to receive a paycheck, need to stay in town due to well, mainly, lack of cash.

It turns out that it is good timing, as every 3rd Friday of the month is Sound Day in my neighborhood of Hongdae. Sound Day is when you pay one price to get into 10 different venues with live music. If you can read Korean, this flyer might be more interesting to you. However, the gist is that you pay 15 bucks to get in and one free drink, and rock the night away.

Click to make it bigger. The map is kind of exciting because it's only about a 1 minute walk from where I live.


Rhymes With Lasagna said...

Suck Stuff
Welcome Drugs

-That's really all I could decipher, but it was worth it.

Kim said...

What a good deal. Where did they get the site name though? @DRUG? @WATERCOCK? Did they randomly pick out these names from trashy magazines? Anyhow, hope you had a great time.

Kim said...
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