Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Resurrection of a Blog: 606 days in Korea

Today marks my 606th day in Korea and, as such, I have decided to resurrect this sorry excuse for a blog. A lot has happened in the 347 days since I last posted. I've made it to China, Vietnam, Cambodia and the States twice since. I've managed to arrive back safely from those countries and have yet to be kicked out of Korea. My hair has gone from medium to long to really short. People have come, gone, come back and stayed (thankfully, otherwise I wouldn't have so many friends).

So, as a declaration to myself and my loyal viewers (although I'm sure few exist), I will (health and laziness permitting) be updating this thing more frequently by creating blogs of the past events and present ones, of course.

But, for now, enjoy this picture of my student, Justin:

He showed up to school with rubber cleaning gloves on his hands, feet (no shoes or socks), and head. Man, do I love my job.

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