Sunday, April 15, 2007

weekend of big buildings and bigger views

This weekend was Isaac's last (at least for this trip) in Korea. We decided, of course, to pack as much touristy stuff as possible into it. On Saturday, we hit up 63 City, a 63-story building on the Han River, and today, we checked out Seoul Tower. I can't do much other than show the pictures. Even they won't be able to capture what you can see from these towers. We went to 63 Building at night so the lights of the city were just incredible.

View from the top

Today, I finally met my aunt and uncle who were in Hawaii when I met the rest of the family. Isaac and I met them and my cousin Sean in Namsan at Seoul Club for an incredible buffet. They were great. Even though I had never met my uncle before, he had a lot of similarities to other uncle's in my family. One of the first things he did was offer Isaac a beer (at noon).

After lunch, just Isaac, Sean and I went to Namsangol, a traditional Korean folk village. It was cool to see the traditional houses and kimchi pots (see above pic of Isaac). They had a place where people could try on traditional hanboks and participate in a fake Korean wedding. This was pretty hilarious, especially since we only watched and took pictures of the people in the ceremony. There was also a giant time capsule in the middle of the park at Namsangol. It was made in 1994 and will be opened in 2394. We were imagining what was put in there back in 1994. I was guessing some H.O.T. cd's and hair dye until I realized that the group didn't form until 1996. Maybe some 1988 Olympic games t-shirts. I guess I'll never get to find out. Here are a couple pics.

Cousin Sean and I peacin' it up through a traditional room.

The three of us at the entrance. The girl that took this pic for us was hilarious! I have never seen a stranger care so much about the picture they were taking. She waited for the coast to be clear, and snapped, but still Isaac had to crop out part of the pic.

Sean had to leave us after Namsangol, but he dropped us off at the bus stop for Seoul Tower.

This place was pretty awesome. It's right on a mountain so you can see ALL of Seoul from the top. On all of the windows, the had landmarks that you could see from each, as well as how far other cities are from that point.
It's amazing to think how far I am from home. Oddly enough, Seoul really isn't that different from other places I have lived. I am loving the subtle differences, however (great food, constant people watching, etc).

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Isaac said...

Seoul rocks the casbah, and I am totally coming back.